Bind Tissues Can Be Affected By These Diseases

Human connective tissue is like an adhesive that makes the body have a shape. In addition, another function that can be performed by connective tissue is to maintain position and support the work of all organs in the body. However, these various functions can be disrupted if the connective tissue experiences certain diseases. Connective tissue is composed of two types of protein tissue, namely collagen and elastin. Tendons (urates), ligaments, cartilage, fatty tissue, lymphatic tissue (lymphatics), skin, blood, and solid bone, are part of connective tissue. Considering its broad function and role, the connective tissue needs to be maintained so that it can continue to work optimally. Various connective tissue diseases Here are some diseases that can affect the function of connective tissue: Rheumatoid arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease that can reduce the function of connective tissue. This disease is caused by the immune system that attacks the thin membranes in t
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